8 months later…

It’s been 8 months since I left Vancouver and came back to Uganda. I can’t believe how quickly the time has passed. It all started with a dream. Morris and I felt that with love, patience and a dream we could make a difference in the lives of street children in northern Uganda.

I left Uganda for Canada to fundraise to make the dream come alive and Morris stayed in Uganda and dedicated himself to making it happen. Whenever we hit roadblocks or felt discouraged we return to the pictures and videos of the street visits and the hope we saw in the children’s eyes. Their hope and faith in us fueled our every step. If they believed in us, how could we fail? We didn’t.

I was able to fundraise just over $20,000 and register us in Canada and Morris found the house, registered us in Uganda and started taking kids off the street. We started small with only 5 kids, unsure of how far our funds would take us. Today we are still pinching pennies and making the most of those funds, but now we have 17 kids and counting (plus all of the kids we have taken home who are now reunited with their families). Many of the kids we have today or have passed through our doors are the same kids we took out to that life changing supper a year ago. We promised to help them. And we will. Whatever it takes.

We are the proof that Gregory Boyle is right, “There is no force in the world better able to alter anything from its course than love.”


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