A Merry Atin Christmas!

I woke up at 5.30am because I could hear the kids’ hustle and bustle. They got up at 5am and went outside with lanterns to do their chores, desperate for Christmas to begin (sounds familiar…well minus the chores part!) They were moping, sweeping and tidying their dorms. They meant business. Of course once the house was clean the slaughtering of the roosters for the Christmas feast began which was definitely my call to go back to sleep.


The ladies dish out Christmas lunch

The ladies of the house Jennifer and Grace started cooking at 6am and couldn’t take the kids to church so that duty somehow fell on my shoulders. I will admit I was rather curious about what goes on at church so I figured it’s Christmas, go big or go home. Well let me tell you. Church went BIG! I cannot fully describe it but I have to list the top highlights:

1. They sing…a lot. And there is a massive screen with bible karaoke so that everyone can sing along.

2. They love Dolly Parton in Uganda. Evidence: the church choir did an interpretive dance routine to one of her Christian songs. No singing? just groovin’.

3. There was a Christian Christmas hiphop song sung by a giant Ugandan man with a baseball hat and shades on, oh yeah, he also had a weave taped to his beard. He collected money as he sang, but it wasn’t the church collection because at the end of the song he flashed a smile, made the peace sign and then left, with all the cash.

4. The service ended with a live auction of produce. Matoke (green bananas) were auctioned off to the highest bidder. It got pretty rowdy.

After church I took the kids back to the house for breakfast and then they played until lunch time. Lunch was an epic feast and although these kids always eat a lot they took it to a whole new level. I have never seen little people eat that much in my life. I felt full before I got my plate just from watching them!

Too much food = serious naps!

The carbohydrate overload knocked them out and next thing you know they were curled up in the sitting room and on the trampoline deep asleep. We left them alone to let their stomachs recover for cake.

Family portrait

We carried the table outside and they all got a Christmas gift, a new outfit, down to the undies. We bought them their first ever running shoes earlier in the week and they were looking snazzy in their new clothes. Then they pigged out on cake, of course.
Supper was arepeat of lunch. We ate too because heck its Christmas and then handed out the glow stick bracelets. The kids went nuts! Glow sticks were fascinating and apparently just the spark they needed to get the party started. Everyone ran outside and turned to driveway into a disco and danced until they could dance no more. I’m not going to lie, they outlasted me. Joel is 7 and he stayed up later than I did!

sugar + glowsticks = dance fever!

May your 2012 be wonderful and full of happiness & love,


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