Dreaming of the Sound of Music…

Moses is amazing. He is half ninja and can fly through the air and contort his body in a way that would make Jet Li jealous. His pulls at your heart strings and his hugs almost break your body in two.


Moses loves to dance. The music plays and he sees the other kids get their wiggle on and he starts to grove too. The difference is that Moses is deaf. All he hears are muffled sounds if anything at all.


We found Moses on the street with Jimmy, Walter and Dennis and brought them all home. His parents are alive, but live in extreme poverty and didn’t know what to do with their deaf child. They had no means to provide or educate him. He was ostracized and ignored and turned to the streets as a means of escaping his home life.

We gave him a safe home. We fed him. We taught him to trust us and believe in himself. That wasn’t enough for us. We love Moses and we know that a hearing impairment should not define anyone.


One day we got lucky. Through Mango Tree we were able to borrow a set of Deaf Child tools to teach Moses some Ugandan sign language. We got even luckier; the founder’s adopted Ugandan son Okola, who is also deaf, was here for a visit from the US and came with Aaron to interpret for him. Together they taught Moses. In fact, it was so much fun that all of the kids wanted to learn. Now they have a bigger vocabulary to communicate with Moses. But Okola left Lira and along with him Aaron and the Mango Tree tools.


We saw Moses shine and grow under the tutelage of Okola and Aaron and we knew that he was bright and deserved the same opportunities as any other child. We embarked on a quest to find a deaf school for Moses where he could continue to learn sign language and gain an education based on signing, a place where he could meet other people like him and learn how to communicate with them.

The Nancy School for the Deaf is a government school for deaf education located in Lira town. It is the only school for deaf children in the Lango sub-region and they have agreed to take Moses. He will begin in September and start in P1. He will go to boarding school there and we will be able to check on him every weekend. This is his chance. This is his opportunity to shine.

The cost of Moses’s education is:

  1. Maintenance Requirements 70,000/=
  2. 15kgs of beans, 25kg of maize and 3 kg of sugar
  3. Uniforms 60,000/=
  4. Scholastic Materials 32,000/=
  5. Bedding: a mattress, 2 bed sheets, 1 blanket, 1 mosquito net and other personal effects (100,000/=)

This adds up to approximately $140 Cdn which is substantially more than we pay for the rest of the children who have been resettled with their families and attend government schools in the village.


But this is Moses’s one shot and we are determined to give it to him but we need your help. Please consider sponsoring Moses, because he is without a doubt WORTH IT! If you are interested or have any questions please email me at: [email protected]

And if you believe in Moses the way we do and want to make a donation right now just click on the paypal link on our website www.atinafrika.org

With love always,

Chelsea & Morris & of course Moses


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