I was a book worm.

I am a book worm. I always have been. Books have always been my ticket to traveling the world as seeing different people and places. When I was a kid I used to hide in the closet with a flashlight so that I could read late into the night. I also ate extra carrots to protect my eyesight. Which of course failed but did create a lifelong love affair with carrots!

Seeing the kids at Atin look at the colorful pages of a book makes me heart sing. I watch the way they carefully turn the pages and look in wonder at the pictures. I know that regardless of whether or not they can read they are still reading the pictures and creating beautiful stories.


Felix is my book worm soul mate. I have seen him reach out and stroke the cover of a book. He can read materials in Leblango and the few books we have he reads over and over again. The pages are dog-eared, the covers are tearing but he doesn’t mind because the words jump out of the pages and he can bring them to life. The smile that lights up his face is priceless. It tells a tale of joy. It tells a tale of wonder. It tells a tale of pride.


Dear Morris and Hudson, thank you for finding this incredible boy and bringing him home to Atin. His future is bright. He is going to take this second chance and run with it. He is going to BE the change I wish to see in this world.

~Atin Afrika Foundation: Restoring Hope to Children.

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