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Two weeks ago one of the street kids was hanging around outside the gate. I had heard from Morris that they sometimes came around, but I hadn’t seen any of them thus far. I was...
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Welcome Home Jimmy

On Friday afternoon Morris hopped on his motorbike to go run a few errands in town. He turned to me and said, “Who should I take?” Going out with Uncle Morris is a big event,...
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Amari. Love.

I perch in a wicker chain in our sitting room with a cup of hot tea in hand watching the rain pour down outside. There is no power and no sound but the rain, we...
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The clouds parted at 6.30am and below the plane was a sea of green. I felt goosebumps rise on my arms and butterflies go wild deep in the pit of my stomach as a grin...
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11 days to go!

Time has been flying by. I returned from Uganda back in March and started working towards making Morris and I’s dream of a shelter for street kids come true. Thanks to a bunch of awesome...
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