J is for Janol. Trust me he corrected my spelling!

They say a picture says a thousand words. I say two pictures say a single word hope.

Proof: This was Janol when he arrived at Atin in March with badly beaten with both arms in casts.


Now take a peak above and see Janol now. Note the cheeky grin! The biggest gift you can give a child is hope. And of course love.


Janol was resettled in May and now he and his brother Gerald are back with their family in Amolotar. Amolotar is one of the poorest districts in Uganda and in a recent UWESO study it ranked 316 out of 320 districts in East Africa for literacy and numeracy among lower primary school pupils.

We want these boys to be the exception to that…not the rule.

Janol is rocking grade 3 and is at the top of his class. Gerald is struggling to succeed in primary 4. (the language of instruction in P4 shifts from Lango to English)


It costs us $20Cdn to pay for a term of public school. What to make a difference? Consider making a donation towards Janol’s education, $20 would pay for school for term 3 and $40 would ensure that both he and his brother Gerald finish the year. $60 would pay for both of them to complete term 3 and ensure that they get a meal at school every day.

That’s worth more than a new t-shirt…right?

If you are interested in sponsoring one or both of these boys for term 3 email [email protected] or message us on facebook.

Peace & love from Atin Afrika.

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