Sometimes you just know you’re cool…

It’s a fact. Everyone knows it, but nobody likes to say it out loud. I’m staying it…sometimes you just know you’re cool.


Fred models his new suit

On Sunday, Morris and I took Jennifer and the boys to the local swimming pool. One day it will become a recreation center, but for now there’s a pool, a kiddie pool and a lot of piles of bricks for what will one day (maybe?) become exercise rooms and a bar. For now it’s 2 pools, a bit of grass, some plastic chairs and a whole lot of bricks. In other words on a hot Lira Sunday it is a little slice of heaven.


Jennifer relaxing at the pool (for her story check out our latest newsletter, the link is on Facebook : Atin Afrika Foundation)

For the kids at Atin Afrika Saturday is for chores and relaxing, but Sunday is when the real fun happens. There is always a special meal…sorry chickens but if you look a little under the weather on Sunday you may become supper! If the week is a success, no fighting, no talking back, hard work in lessons and the weather complies then Sunday is pool day.

Thanks to Pixie we have enough board shorts for all of the kids. This means that unlike other kids who swim in regular clothes or underwear these boys are looking spiffy. In fact, truth be told they know it. They strut up to the pool and walk in like kings (the fact that they are stuck in the kiddie pool can’t bring them down; though they yearningly looked at the grown up pool and badgered Morris until he wore the manager down and they were allowed in). Truth be told they look better than anyone there, adults and kids alike can’t beat these boys and their new suits. They know it. There is a song here that pretty much sums up these fellas at the pool “so swaggerific”! Okay the term is slightly ridiculous, but say it out loud, let it roll off your tongue and picture eight kids (who can’t really swim) strutting up to the pool. How else can we describe them? They’re swaggerific!

cool in the kiddie pool

cool in the kiddie pool


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