Settling In…

Atin Afrika has grown from struggles to settling. In the first place, our challenges were keeping the kids at the project, it was not easy having the boys settle into the shelter from the streets, they jumped over the wall fence three times and escaped back to the streets and we kept going back for them. We always brought them back and now they have settled so much! Thanks to all those that contributed to buying the trampoline, bikes, and toys for them to play with. Though, the boys are so rough with the bikes that every day we have to fix something; well, this is a common thing with kids anyways.

We have sit together evenings on the trampoline and we sing, share stories individually and also share challenges of life, one story that touched me a lot, obviously all the stories touched me but Fred’s story is a bit sad because life has made him ignorant about a lot of things. He has never stepped into a classroom or held a pencil. He said that the first time he has held a pencil and pen is at Atin Afrika, but then he wants to do mechanics and at his age, we cannot go on and waste his time going back to kindergarten. Rather, we shall put him in a trade school to start off with learning mechanics on a practical basis. By the end of two years or three, he can earn a living with a practical trade. Or, we will equip him with tools to start at least a small workshop of motorcycle repairs.

For Ambrose, Walter, Francis and Robert, they seem to be ones that will catch up in school and I am very confident they will stay in school when we take them there. I am not afraid that they will run away, I can tell from the way they have settled here at the project.

It’s my challenge to look for the best school that will have an eye on them. And being people of the same street background it will be good to have them all go to one school so that they can help each other settle in and it won’t make them feel isolated from the rest!

Richard has been doing a good job teaching them ABCs and the English language as well as their local Luo literacy program.

On the side of Social worker, I have tried and am still trying to find one reliable person to come up on part time basis, they are many but finding one person who can handle these kids is not easy. I have talked to the social workers at CRO and they are also helping me to identify one.

The kitchen coop is what we are starting to build this Monday, it should have been this week but the Watchman has a very sick wife so he could not do it at the moment, he is available tomorrow to shop for everything and then we will be starting on Monday. I talked to one of my friends who is willing to take me on a hunt in villages to look for chickens. Good news is that we have the table and benches already. The kids now sit and eat well like a family.


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