Our Staff

The Atin in center skilled team is mandated to serve and implement these services cooperation with various part time professionals who operate in the necessary fields to meet our objectives:

  • MEDICAL: A part time Nurse practitioner who assists in medical therapy and drug addiction withdrawal support for the children.
  • TEACHER: English, numeracy and local language literacy classes are provided, which are considered a way of sparking interest and building blocks of success for out of school youth.
  • SOCIAL WORKERS: Lead rehabilitation classes which focus on psychosocial support areas like sensitizing children on the dangers of HIV/AIDS, substance use, group therapy, art therapy, individual counseling, career guidance, sex and health education.
  • SECURITY GUARD: Ensures maximum security
  • MATRON: Ensures that the children are fed on a daily basis, and guides children on their daily chores, ensures hygiene and helps them re-discover the moral social way of living in a homestead setting.