What would 5km mean to you?

Dear Friends!

It has been a whirlwind 8 months and more rewarding then I could ever imagine. In August 2011 I returned to northern Uganda to join Morris at Atin Afrika. A year ago in February we met the street children of Lira, Uganda and Atin Afrika was born…obviously I am skipping over a few steps here, but you get the idea. We are now a registered community-based organization in Uganda and have incorporated as a non-profit in Canada as well. Over the past 10 months since we started we have taken kids off of the streets, counseled, educated and cared for them before resettling them with different family members. We have also acted as an emergency shelter for other organizations and the district government to ensure that lost/abandoned and abused children don’t turn to the streets in desperation.

I have taken a mere 2 weeks holiday from my job in Uganda (May 20-June 3) to fly to Vancouver and Colorado Springs to raise the funds for the 2nd year of Atin Afrika (June 15th is our birthday). This feels like an epic and daunting task, but thankfully the ever wonderful John Fox has taken the first step for me in organizing a 5km run/walk at Cates Park in North Vancouver on Sunday May 27th. Pre-registration cost is $25 which gets you a run, a Tshirt, some eats and the chance to change a child’s life which is pretty much priceless! Forerunners is seriously awesome and is sponsoring the run so ALL of the proceeds go to Atin Afrika.

To put it in perspective $25 pays school fees for a child at a government school for an entire term! Imagine signing up and bringing 4 friends would pay for 1 kid to go to school for a year, fees, materials, uniforms….everything!

Save the date. Come and run. Make a difference.

If you are interested or want more information send me an email: [email protected]
Otherwise head down to Forerunners or Douglas College and register now. And if you can’t… send your friends and family, who doesn’t love Cates Park on a Sunday in May?

If you have any fundraising ideas to share…I would love them! If you are interested in hosting a ‘Dine in For Atin’ fundraiser/craft party (you bring friends home for a potlach, I bring the crafts and stories) I would really love that!

Sending you all peace & love from our little center of hope in Uganda,

Chelsea xo


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